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Buy Face Masks Online: Different Types of Face Masks Available Online

As a direct response to the COVID-19 crisis, wearing protective face has quickly become the new normal. You should maintain social distancing norms by staying at home as much as possible to reduce the spread of the virus. But, you cannot manage your household tasks and business from your home, and you need to move from your home to fulfill your basic needs. In this case, you need to maintain the regulations implemented by your state health department and you must wear a face mask.

With the demand for face coverings growing every day, many brands have stepped up to help by making their own and help you buy face mask online.

Different Types of Masks Available Online:

  • Face (Surgical) Mask

These are recommended for healthcare workers who are constantly in close contact with sick or vulnerable people. It is also recommended to covid-19 patients and they must use this mask 24x7. These are disposable and loose fitting mask. You can buy face mask online and from any nearest medical store.

  • Respiratory Mask – P2 & N95

These have air filtration mechanisms with a tight fitting nose piece. These are recommended for health care workers to keep them safe from any aerosol transmission. You can search such masks online and buy face mask online. N95 masks are highly recommended for all because these masks can prevent Covid-19 transmission.

  • Cloth Masks

These are washable face mask. These can be worn by general public. It is an alternative for surgical mask. This mask should be washed properly to provide maximum protect. You can buy face mask online or you can make these at home too. It is recommended to choose three layers mask for better protection.

  • Bandanas And Scarves

Initially it was advised to use scarfs and bandanas as face covering for time being but a recent has found that bandanas and scarves are useless at containing the spread of virus. So you should not use such scarf to cover your face.

  • Clear Panel Masks

They have a clear panel in front of your mouth, making it easier for people to see facial expressions. There is not enough data on these types of masks to determine their level of efficacy, but these may be beneficial for people where seeing facial expression is important to understand their language. For example, those hard of hearing or deaf, people who speak different languages or dialects, or those who work with children can wear these masks. You can buy face mask online or you can customize your mask by a designer.

How To Buy A Face Mask Online?

  • Non-medical masks come in different layer options. You must buy masks designed with three different layers.

  • If possible, look for masks that have an inner lining with anti-bacterial properties.

  • Look for masks with nose clips, as that will ensure that your mask does not slip down from your nose and there will be no leakage in your mask.

  • Don’t spend too much money on the mask. More expensive disposable face masks do not guarantee better protection. You can search them online and compare their prices to choose the best one.

  • Even kids need to wear masks when in public places. Many manufactures have started making masks for kids of all ages with their favorite cartoon or comic book characters on it.

Why Would You Wear A Face Mask?

  • If someone is infected with covid virus, they will not spread the virus to others as they prevent virus particles from getting out into the air.

  • Face masks not only block what you breathe out but they also block what you breathe in.

  • Face masks prevent the wearer from touching their mouth & nose.

Finally, it is imperative that the user is educated on the different types of masks available, and you can search such masks online to choose the best one.

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