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Want To Pay Less For PPE?

According to McKinght’s Long-Term Care News, PPE Costs increased over 1,000% last year. (

Most distributors don’t intend to rip their customers off, but when a company isn’t manufacturing -it can’t offer its customers the lowest possible price on PPE. Every distributor buys from a manufacturer, importer, or sometimes another distributor. The more streamlined a company’s supply chain is, the lower the cost a customer is to pay and the higher quality that can be offered. The reason for high PPE prices is due to a lot of factors (COVID, inflation, trade wars, currency, etc). However, one of the biggest and least talked about issues is the fact that almost no PPE manufacturers and brands sell direct. Almost every brand sells through distribution, at Pentagon Safety Equipment, we don’t sell other peoples’ stuff -we sell our own brand direct to you. Everything we produce, we manufacture and/or import under our brand and sell direct. With 30 years of manufacturing and logistics experience, we’ve never had a backorder -even in the midst of COVID…and we have some of the lowest PPE prices in the industry because we don’t sell other peoples’ stuff.

Find out how much you can save at

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